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Article 11.1 of the
during the fifteen century stipulates the punishment for "Repeated Theft"

"...the offender incurs additional penalties, that he is mounted on a white buffalo, garlanded with hibiscus, and a dish over his head, his face smeared with chalk, charcoal, and tumeric and he is taken on display round the town. If the goods he stole are recovered, they will be hung around his neck..."

In 1999 Messrs Iszam Kamal & Hazlan was established and then merged with Messrs Farid Aziz & Co. The firm predominantly involved in corporate, commercial, conveyancing and litigation fields.

The firm is dedicated to facilitate clients in fulfilling their interest and to provide the best services to our clients is our utmost priority. Our excellent commitment has been a vital link in ensuring client's need and demand being crystallized. As such, it has enable us to enjoy the trust and confidence of distinguished clients.

The objective of the Partnership is inter alia:-

  • to facilitate the development of the Malaysian corporate, business and industrial sectors from the legal perspective in this new millennium.
  • to facilitate clients in dealing with legal problems.
  • to venture into the entrepreneurship and business world.
  • to provide a better, efficient and trustworthy services for clients.

The main sphere of activities of the firm is the practice of law with an emphasis on contract, commercial, corporate banking, conveyancing and litigation matters.

The partners of the firm also has the knowledge and experiences in privatisation and property development matters in the country.

The team of lawyers and staff of the firm are energetic and committed to meet the requirement of the present day clientele of the legal services. The firm's clients are entitled to expect the professional expertise, quality and a responsive approach to serve their needs on an proactive basis. The firm is commited to serve clients in timely and efficient manner and assist them in achieving their individual and corporate goals. The firm's commitment to its clients is always regarded as long term commitment.

The firm is progressively expanding with the setting up of a branch office in Ipoh at Suite No.5A-1, 1st Floor, Medan Istana 6, Bandar Baru Ipoh Raya, 30000 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan. Despite its rapid and aggresive expansion the firm maintains its fast and efficient professional services which remains its utmost priority.


The firm is a partnership consisting of 100% bumiputera equity with two (2) partners. The firm has a total strength of one office administrator and three efficient staff consisting of 100% bumiputera employees.

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